We have updated several sections of our site, if you are following here are links to navigate it easier.

1. Doberman litters updated, check out our plans here: https://k9vomhismerh.com/doberman-litters/

2. Our Doberman females have been updated! https://k9vomhismerh.com/doberman-females/

3. Our German Shepherd males have been updated! https://k9vomhismerh.com/gsd-males/

4. Our Doberman Males have been updated! https://k9vomhismerh.com/doberman-males/

5. J litter GSD puppy pictures updated: https://k9vomhismerh.com/j-litter/

6. L litter GSD puppy pictures updated:https://k9vomhismerh.com/l-litter-born-on-06-09-19/

7. M litter GSD puppy pictures updated: https://k9vomhismerh.com/m-litter-born-on-06-09-19/

8. Show Results are updated!