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Top Quality 100% European
German Shepherds and Dobermans

The German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherds

Doberman Pinscher


Our very first show quality German Shepherd was purchased in 1980. Our first show quality Doberman was purchased in 1994 from the Belgium kennel von Rovelin. From this time forward, these two wonderful breeds took place in our hearts. Both of these breeds can be described as: graceful, athletic, trainable to perform various tasks, loyal, healthy, beautiful and well-tempered.

Due to their character and adaptability, these two breeds are ideal for large city living. They will protect those they are loyal to, but are also gentle enough to live well in families with children.

Over the years, we have accomplished many achievements and received awards at national and world championships. Dogs from our kennel are spread all over the world and thanks to this we have made many friends around the world. The same happens when puppies are purchased from our kennel. We always try to befriend new owners by participating in proper training and development of puppies from our breeding program.

We strive to have the best dogs at our kennel. In order to accomplish this, we use more than our own bloodlines. We also import two to three dogs each year from top world producers. By using these fresh bloodlines, we can create the best dogs year after year.

All of our dogs are registered in AKC and German Club SV. For those interested in a purebred dog for the first time, many are just looking for a pet and do not plan to show. Show quality dogs are carefully selected for their health, temperament and correct confirmation. Thanks to screening for genetic conditions, we can give you a 90% guarantee that our puppies are healthy and free of genetic defects. Having a healthy puppy gives owners the best chance to have a great family pet.

With a show quality dog, the option to show or not to show is entirely up to the owner.

Give yourself and family the ultimate gift of those eyes filled with happiness, loyalty and love. For many years, they will gaze upon you with love every morning and night, even after a long day of work.

Trust our many years of experience. We will choose the right puppy that will best fit your family.

We are looking forward to working with you and your future family member. Please visit the gallery for images of our dogs and read the testimonials of our satisfied clients.