About Our Kennel

We guarantee that from our kennel you can obtain a true German Shepherd and Doberman – a dog with a capital letter – it will be a dog with good health, good temperament, excellent protection qualities and with overall stunning physique.

Our puppies have the status of selective breeding, the product of Germany. The producers/parents are usually imported from Germany.

We always have a large selection of puppies of various ages and color: black and red, black and sable. We have puppies born in the United Sates as well as imported from Germany. We can help choose or import your dream dog.

We are ready to take you to see puppies at any time convenient for you. At our kennel you can choose a puppy or adolescent. We are able to introduce you to our current litter, the mother with her tiny puppies and you can chose your future pup from that litter. We are also able to share our planned breeding and you may choose to wait for a certain breeding to select your future puppy.  We offer discounted food, training and boarding for your puppy.

Welcome to the world of German Shepherds and Dobermans

Why German Shepherd or Doberman from “Vom Hismerh”

  • Convenient around the clock advice and support from professionals about care, health issues and training.
  • Advanced reservations and boarding while you are absent
  • All of our dogs are well socialized from an early age
  • Our dogs are highly intelligent and get along well with other pets – small dogs and kittens.
  • We have dogs with working qualities and abilities

How to distinguish between fraudulent and unprofessional breeders.

  • They do not offer kennel tour
  • The breeder might not have paperwork for their dogs, puppies and so not have German bloodlines form best producers.
  • They are not known in the German Shepherd or Doberman community
  • They do not have properly heath tested dogs and health certificates

We have been breeding for more than 20 years.

Our German Shepherds and Dobermans are excellent at shows as well as have great working qualities.