9 month old male for sale, already fixed.

*** SOLD ***

Excellent for family pet or for training and sport.  Super character and temperament, very good with kids, people, dogs and puppies.   He will make any family happy.  Knows basic commands.  Ears are not good up… some times up, but most times down.  You can see this in the pictures.  If you would like the ears up, we can recommended a vet who can recut ears.
Sire: Metanol del Nasi
Dam: Simka
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Betany Bosnisch Bildung

*** SOLD ***

Import, female, 4 years old
(Dobergaarde Forever Orlando – Karma)
Extremely friendly and good character.  Will make any family happy! Nice looking, swarthy, healthy, can breed.  Best for family member.
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Vivat De Vienko Zyrbagan

*** RESERVED ***

DOB: 08/08/2018
Sire: Ettore Del Tibur
Dam: Odo Mi Alwa De Grande Vienko