USA 2022 Sieger Show – 10/14-15-16!

Unbelievably successful results for Kennel vom Hismerh!

Judges: Bernd Weber, Torsten Kallenbach

2 kennel group vom Hismerh
  • VA1 Ace Team Huhen Berg LC, progeny group with 5 kids
Highest American breed
  • VA3 Demon vom Hismerh, progeny group with 7 kids
Highest American breed
  • V4 Phamtom du val d’Anzin, progeny group with 5 kids
  • SG1 Gary vom Hismerh 18-24
Highest American breed
  • SG3 Gina vom Hismerh 12-18 (32 females in class)
  • SG4 Georgia vom Hismerh 12-18 (32 females in class)
  • VP1 Willa’s vom Hismerh LC 9-12
  • VP1 Yoker vom Hismerh 9-12 Phamtom
  • VP1 Wasa vom Hismerh 9-12
  • VP2 Yoyo vom Hismerh 9-12 – Phamtom
  • VP3 Wacron vom Hismerh 9-13
  • VP4 Mercedes vom Hismerh 6-9 – VA Demon
  • VP3 Enosch vom Hismerh 6-9 – VA Demon
  • VP1 Electra vom Hismerh LC 4-6 – VA Demon
  • VP1 Tango vom Hismerh LC 4-6 – VA Ace
  • VP2 Europa vom Hismerh 4-6 – VA Demon
  • VP3 Elite vom Hismerh 4-6 – VA Demon
  • VP4 Tifany vom Hismerh 4-6 – VA Demon
Thanks a lot to my friends and the best Team: Yvonne Schneider, Mosaab Farag, Steve Robin, Eitan Sarfaty, Eddie Bangiyev, Ekaterina Kot, and, of course, my  best partner, Ofer Yosef. Without you, my friends, this success would not be possible.
Thanks to the judges for the nice critiques.
Thanks to the amazing couple Colby Hernandez and Rahul for a great show organization. Bravo for one of the best organized shows I’ve ever seen.
We’re really proud of our breeding program and our 2022 show results!

Amazing Show Day – 10/09/2022 with an amazing result!

Presented 13 dogs in different classes and all 13 won 1st place.

New England regional show judge Edgar Pertl.

  • V1 Phamtom du Val D’Anzin
  • V1 Optima du val D’Anzin
  • SG1 Gary vom Hismerh – Phamtom
  • SG1 Queena vom Hismerh – VA Uvo
  • VP1 Willa’s vom Hismerh LC
  • VP1 Wacron vom Hismerh
  • VP1 Yoyo vom Hismerh – Phamtom
  • VP1 Mercedes vom Hismerh – Demon
  • VP1 Loud von Pendler – VA Quantium
  • VP1 Elite vom Hismerh – Demon
  • VP1 Europa vom Hismerh – Demon
  • VP1 Tango vom Hismerh – VA Ace
  • VP1 Tiffany vom Hismerh – VA Ace
We are really proud of our show program. Thanks a lot, as always, to my buddy Shahbaz Khan for top handling.


Look what we did at the GSD World Show – Nurberg 2022 VA4!

We are in the World Best 4 LC males 2022

VA4 Ace von der team Huhen Berg (VA1 Willy – VA1 Wikky)

  • Thanks a lot to Jolyn Thiel for top master handling all show season.
  • Thanks a lot to Yvonne Schneider for top training and preferring Ace.
  • Thanks a lot to my brother Zeljko Radukicc, specially flying in from Serbia for super.
  • Thanks a lot to Ace breeder Amel Sefer
  • … and to all our friends for their support.
I don’t believe we did this – one of the best feelings in my life!

What an amazing weekend at the Canadian Sieger Show 08/20-21/2022!

Judge: Edgar Perti

Great success for our dogs!

Sieger VA1 Nando Zedasen dog (with best bite work) in working class males with top quality dogs.
Working class females: Vice Siegerin VA 2 Nokia Feetback (with best bite work females)

  • 18-24: SG1 Gary vom Hismerh – Phamtom
  • 12-18: SG1 Georgia vom Hismerh – Phamtom
  • 9-12: VP1 Wasa vom Hismerh – Asap
  • 6-9: VP1 Ellen vom Hismerh – Demon
  • 3-6: VP1 Mercedes vom Hismerh – Demon
  • 3-6:VP1 Nero vom Hismerh – Omen Pendler
  • 3-6:VP1 Natan vom Hismerh -Omen von Pendler
  • 9-12: VP2 Wacron vom Hismerh – Asap
  • 6-9:VP3 Enosch vom Hismerh -Demon
  • 9-12: VP3 Yoker vom Hismerh – Phamtom

Thanks a lot to my amazing friends and team Shahbaz Khan, Shak Williams, Bilal M Langha. This would never happen without you guys!

Today 06/26/2022 in Germany!
LG show under Siger show judge Bern Webber

Again, we did very well in a very strong class:
  • V5 Demon vom Hismerh
  • V1 Naldo
  • V2 Kingsli
  • V3 Rio
  • V4 Negus
  • V5 Demon
  • and more
Thanks a lot to my friends Zsolt Farkas for top preparation and my buddy Marko Jovović for top handling.
DEMON go go go go go go!!!

Super show day on 06/19/2022!
Topline GSD Club of Chicago, Illinois.
Judge: SV Franz Peter Knaul

All our stack coat dogs took 6 first places:
  • V1 Phamtom du val D’Anzin
  • SG1 Gary vom Hismerh – Phamtom
  • VP1 Georgia vom Hismerh – Phamtom
  • VP1 Yoker vom Hismerh – Phamtom
  • VP1 Yoyo vom Hismerh – Phamtom
  • VP1 Urma vom Haus Khan – Demon

Long coats:

  • SG7 Lea vom Hismerh
  • VP2 Willa’s vom Hismerh
  • VP3 Queena vom Hismerh
As always, thanks a lot to my buddy Shahbaz Khan for top handling and to the club for nice organization.
We’re really proud of our dogs and vom Hismerh’s young generation.

Super news from Germany!
Show 06/16/2022
Judge: Rainer Must

Again our King made us proud!
V1 Ace von der team Huhen Berg
(VA1 Willy – VA1 Wikky)
Thanks a lot to my friends for super preparation and condition of Ace, Yvonne Schneider and top handling Jolyn Thiel.
Owner : Merab Khiskiadze, Ofer Yosef, Kennel vom Hismerh.

Amazing weekend in Canada for vom Hismerh Kennel!
Ontario regional show 06/12/2022
Judge: Her Joachim Stiegler

We presented 11 dogs. 7 dogs made 1st place and 4 dogs made 2nd place.
V1 Nicole vom Hismerh – Ulkan
V2 Phamtom du val d’Anzin
SG2 Uraa vom Hismerh 18-24 (13 females in class )
SG1 Gamba vom Hismerh 12-18 – Phamtom (9 females in class )
SG1 Lea Vom Hismerh LC 12-18 – VA Ace
VP1 Georgia vom Hismerh 9-12 – Phatom
VP1 Queena vom Hismerh LC 9-1 -VA 9 Uvo
VP1 Yoker vom Hismerh 6-9 Phamtom
VP1 Willa’s vom Hismerh LC 6-9 – VA2 Asap
VP2 Enosch vom Hismerh 4-6 – Demon
VP2 Urma vom Haus Khan 4-6 – Demon
Thanks a lot to my buddy and forever one of the best handlers, Shahbaz Khan, to my friend Philip Eramo, and the Club for doing a great event.  And, of course, many thanks to the Judge for a very nice judgment.

Super News from Germany
DJJM 2022 with BSZS Judge Mr. Hausmann

Once again, Ace made us proud a second time!  He made V2 after VA Grizzly.
VA Ace von der team huhen berg
(VA1 Willy – VA1 Wikky )
Thanks a lot Yvonne Schneider for super work with Ace and top handler for super presentation Ace, Jan Martin.
Go Go Go Go Go Go ACE! We are very proud of our King Ace!
owner : Merab Khiskiadze, Ofer Yosef, kennel vom Hismerh USA

Germany 05/26/2022
Super Show Day

with Siger Show Judge U. Hausmann

  • Our King V2
  • VA Ace von der Team Huhen Berg
    (VA1 Willy – VA1 Wikky Farhantal)

Thanks a lot to our friends Yvonne Schneider, Ace and Jolyn for a super preparation.

We’re really proud of our boy Ace!

Germany 05/15/2022
Pont mural OG

Judge M. Teubert

  • V2 Ace von der team Huhen Berg

Kennel vom Hismerh Super result from Cervenka, Serbia (303 dogs catalog)

We wish to thank Marko Jovović for his amazing show organization , BRAVO MAESTRO.
Thanks to my amazing friends for their support and help: Goran Karanović Ideal Dale, Zeljko Radukicc, Rajko Djuric.

  • V1 Ace team Hohen berg
  • V6 Demon vom Hismerh (30 dogs Catalog)
  • SG1 Fila Team Hohen Berg
  • SG3 Viva vom Hismerh
  • SG6 Karma vom Hismerh
  • pass korung Dafna vom hismerh


APRIL 23-24, 2022
Judge: Torsten Kallenbach

  • VP1 Yoker vom Hismerh (4-6 M) – Phamtom
  • VP2 Wacron vom Hismerh (4-6 M) – VA2 Asap
  • VP1 Wasa vom Hismerh (4-6 F) – VA2 Asap
  • VP1 Willas vom Hismerh ( 4-6 M-LC.) VA2 Asap
  • VP3 YoYo vom Hismerh (4-6 F) – Phamtom
  • VP1 Georgia vom Hismerh (9-12 F) Phamtom
  • VP2 Queena vom Hismerh (9-12 f-LC.) VA9 Uvo
  • VP3 Jessicka vom Hismerh (9-12 F ) – Ulkan
  • VP1 Negus vom Hismerh (9-12 M) – Ulkan
  • SG3 Uraa vom Hismerh (12-18 F) – Ulkan
  • SG4 Gamba vom Hismerh (12-18 F) – Phamtom
  • SG3 Lea vom Hismerh (12-18 F-LC.) -VA Ace
  • SG4 Ava vom Hismerh (12-18F-LC.) VA1 Litum
  • V2 Phamtom du val D’Anzin (working class)-VA2 Asap
  • V6 Demon vom Hismerh ( working class ) -VA Mars
  • V2 Ace von der team huhen berg ( working class LC.) -VA Willy
  • V3 Optima du val D’Anzin ( working class F) -VA Max

We’ve proudly completed the 2021 Show season yesterday with amazing results:

Schaferhund Schutzhund Club.
SV Judge: Robert Lung

  • V1 Demon vom Hismerh – VA Mars ( 2 years and 1 day old, 8 males)
  • V1 Ace vom Team huhen Berg – VA Willy
  • VP1 Damaris vom Hismerh – VA Udro ( 9-12 females)
  • VP1 Gary vom Hismerh – Phamtom (9-12 males)
  • VP1 Luka vom Hismerh – VA Ace (6-9 males)
  • VP1 Lea vom Hismerh – VA Ace (6-9 males)
  • VP1 Gio vom Hismerh – Phamtom (4-6 females)
  • VP1 Groovy vom Hismerh – Phamtom (4-6 males)
  • V2 Nicole vom Hismerh – Ulkan Maikhaus (Working females)
  • SG2 Vegas vom Hismerh – VA1 Mondo (12-18 females)
  • SG2 Viva vom Hismerh – VA1 Mondo (12-18 males)
  • VP2 Viking vom Hismerh – Phamtom (6-9 males)
  • V3 Diesel vom team Huhen Berg – Freddy (working class)
  • SG3 Mama Mia vom Hismerh – VA3 Omen Zentaiche (12-18 fem.)
Thanks a lot to my friends for always helping me – Shahbaz Khan, Eddie Bangiyev.
We look forward to presenting new Vom Hismerh stars in 2022!

What a wonderful show day in Florida

Tween Oak Dog Club, Judge Peter Osher, super organization, amazing place.

Kennel vom Hismerh Result:

  • VP1 Dasy vom Hismerh ( 4-6) VA Ace
  • VP1 Dax vom Hismerh (4-6) VA Ace
  • VP4 Georgia vom Hismerh (4-6) Phamtom
  • VP1 Luka vom Hismerh ( 6-9) VA Ace
  • VP2 Lea vom Hismerh (6-9) VA Ace
  • VP3 Verona vom Hismerh (6-9) Phamtom
  • VP1 Gary vom Hismerh ( 9-12) Phamtom
  • VP 6 Gamba vom Hismerh ( 9-12) Phamtom
  • SG2 Demon vom Hismerh ( 18-24) VA Mars
  • V1 Ace von der huhen berg ( Working class) VA1 Willy
  • V2 Nalla vom haus khan ( working class) Ulkan Maikhaus
Thanks a lot to my friends Shahbaz Khan for top handling, Eddie Bangiyev for staying with me on this 25 hour drive trip, and show organizers Colby and Rahul Fernandez.

Serbian Siger Show

Judge: SV Edgar Pertel

The best result
VA1 Nokia Feetback

The most hi level vote GSD can have in show!

2021 USA Siger show – Chicago, IL

Proudly posted the official results for Kennel vom Hismerh.

Presented 20 dogs –  11 received tap placements – 8 received First place, 2 received Second place, and one SG4.  All 11 dogs are from vom Hismerh breeding.

  • SG1 Demon vom Hismerh (18-24)-VA Mars
  • SG4 Karma vom Hismerh (12-18) – Ares , 12 month and 3 day old,very big and strong class.
  • VP1 Vegas vom Hismerh (9-12) – VA Mondo
  • VP1 Gary vom Hismerh ( 6-9) – Phamtom
  • VP1 Lea vom Hismerh ( (6-9) LC- VA Ace
  • VP1 Luka vom Hismerh (6-9) LC- VA Ace
  • VP1 Verona vom Hismerh (4-6) – Phamtom 27 females in class
  • VP1 Viking vom Hismerh (4-6)-Phamtom
  • VP1 Dax vom Hismerh (4-6)LC -VA Ace
  • VP2 Viper vom Hismerh ( 4-6) LC- Phamtom
  • VP2 Uly vom Hismerh (4-6) LC – Phamtom
Many thanks to the show organization, judges , and my good friends and top handlers Shahbaz Khan, Shak Williams, Bob, and, of course, to my amazing team Eddie Bangiyev, Eitan Sarfaty, Yaniv, and my the best partner Ofer Yosef. We will continue work in same way.

What a wonderful day!

5 of my dogs passed korungs for life in Dogtreff New York Schutzhund training center . SV judge Torsten Kallenbach 09/25/2021

  1. Barbie vom Hismerh
  2. Ulkan della Valcuvia
  3. VA Carbon von Radhaus
  4. Una von Ljulin
  5. Heidi Cromontana

Super show day for vom Hismerh

Presented 19 dogs and 14 were top placements!

Dogtreff New York Schutzhund training center . SV judge Torsten Kallenbach 09/26/2021

Thanks a lot my buddy Shahbaz Khan, as always, for top, top handling. You are the best, buddy!

  1. V2 Phamtom du val D’Anzin
  2. V1 Nala von Haus Khan
  3. V3 VA Ace Team Huhen berg ( Judge say best dog in ring but go bay BSZS results )
  4. SG1 Demon vom Hismerh
  5. SG 1 Karma vom Hismerh
  6. SG1 Fila Team huhen berg
  7. VP1. Vegas vom Hismerh
  8. VP2 Demon vom Hismerh
  9. VP1 Gary vom Hismerh – Phamtom
  10. VP1 Luka vom Hismerh – Ace
  11. VP1 Lea vom Hismerh – Ace
  12. VP2 Lola Zahra vom Hismerh – Ace
  13. VP1 Dasy vom Hismerh – Ace
  14. VP1 Viper vom Hismerh – Phamtom
  15. VP2 Verona vom Hismerh – Phamtom
  16. VP4 Viking vom Hismerh – Phamtom
  17. VP3 Gamba vom Hismerh – Phamtom
  18. VP4 Eva vom Hismerh
  19. VP2 Uraa vom Hismerh – Ulkan

Super result for kennel vom Hismerh in Austrian 2021 Siger show

Presented 3 dogs and all 3 were top placements!

V1 Nala vom Haus Khan LC  working class
SG4 Demon vom Hismerh  18-24 (23 dogs in catalog very strong class)
SG4 Nokia Feetback 18-24 (30 females in catalog)

Thanks a lot to our friends for their support and for the best handling: Lara Benits, Remco Vriblood, Edgar Pertl for organizing this amazing show, and to all the judges, Rajko Djuric and Zsolt Farkas for the top training and conditioning of our dogs.

We really enjoyed meeting so many friends after such a long time and are really proud of our dogs!

Super amazing news from Belgium’s Siger Show

Our super, super boy made his first VA2 with super bite work 5-5.
Ace Team huhen berg (VA1 Willy – VA1 Wikki)

Thanks a lot to my friend Yvonne Schneider for such love, patience, super training and conditioning.
Many thanks as well for top handling by Jolyn.
Congratulations to breeder Amel Sefer.
And finally, many thanks to all our German Team and Mark for super bite work and training.

We are so happy!

Super News from Russia

My boy Viva Felicium Marko Polo won and close titles:

  • 1st place in adult classes CW, CAC
  • 1st place Champion RFLS
  • 1st place Best Male and Best Doberman in show
  • 2nd Place Vice Siger Best in Show (all breeds in FCI 2 group)
  • 1st place Champion Russia

At 16 months old, so far he already has titles:

  • Junior Champion of Russia
  • 2x Junior Champion of RKF
  • Junior Champion of RFLS
  • Champion of Russia
  • Champion of RKF
  • 2x Champion of RFLS

Thanks a lot to our friend Ekaterina Konovalova for the best care, training and presentation.

Marko Polo flies back home to the US next week.

USA Universal Siger Show

I am proud to announce a new record of show results for Kennel vom Hismerh. I want to say thanks to my friends and team for their amazing help and handling – Shahbaz Khan, Eddie Bangiyev, Eyup Sevinc, and Shak Williams. You are the best, guys!

  1. V3 Phamtom  Du Val D’Anzin  (2 year, 1 day old today, youngest in ring.  In very strong class 2 VA dogs front of hem)
  2. V5 Ulkan Della Valcuvia – Ulkan
  3. SG 2 Mason vom Hismerh – Ulkan Valcuvia
  4. SG3 Pewee Du Val D’Anzin – VA Asap
  5. VP 2 Filla team Huhen Berg – Are ( LC 9-12)
  6. VP1 Maestro vom Hismerh – VA Ch. Omen von der Zentaiche) (6-9)
  7. VP3 Mama Mia vom Hismerh ( VA Ch. Omen 6-9)
  8. VP1  Vegas vom Hismerh – Mondo di casa Palumba 3-6
  9. VP2 Tiger vom Hismerh – Nero Ghattas 3-6
  10. VP1 Ava vom Hismerh – Litium LC 3-6
  11. VP2 Apolo vom Hismerh – Litium LC 3-6
  12. VP2 Uraa vom Hismerh – Ulkan della Valcuvia

Presented 12 dogs – one dog was V5 and the other 11 won top first 3 places.

My Nando Zedasen passes his IGP2 in Hungary

SVO OG exam Mattersburg

R: Hafner Wolfgang

My 5 females pass KKL under SV judge Edgar Pertl in Serbia

  1. KKL Nikita vom Hismerh – Ulkan Maikhaus
  2. KKL Nikol vom Hismerh – Ulkan Maikhaus
  3. KKL Optima du val D’Anzin – Max
  4. KKL Wanda Feetback – Willy
  5. KKL Jacumba von Fanino – Hugo

We are really happy and proud of our females!

Merab Khiskiadze, Ofer Yosef, Kenne vom Hismerh USA

Korung 2020

HDa, EDa, IPG1, KKL, V, Nando Zedasen

sire:  Duran Team Huhnegrab
dam: Toxi – Sedlararska

line breed 4-3 VA2 Quenn vom Loher Weg

Durmetingen show Germany 09/05/2020

Judge: Rainer Mast (SV)

SG1 Diesel von den Hohen Berg
V1 Nala vom Haus Khan
V1 Ace von den Hohen Berg

Sieger show Bosnia and Hercegovina 2019

Judge: Rainer Mast (SV)
V4 , IGP2, KKL, Esko vom Hismerh

S E R B I A N S I E G E R S H O W 2019

L G – 3 S R E M R U M A
05- 06 . 10. 2019 SV Juge:Erich Bosl korung and female class and Urlich

V3 Nadya de La Nacio Catalana
SG5 Zooe vom Hismerh
SG8 Nicole vom Hismerh

USCA Sieger Show

October 10-13, 2019 in Statesville, NC
Judges males SV LOTHAR QUOLL

VA3 Carbon vom Radhaus
V10 Barbie vom Hismerh
SG1 Ace team vom Huhen Berg
SG2 Nala vom Haus Khan
SG4 Vertu vom Hismerh
SG 9 Warinka vom Hismerh
SG 6 Zara vom Hismerh
SG 7 Hanka vom Hismerh
SG7 Whisky vom Hismerh
VP1 Selen Del Sito Reale
VP2 Atomick vom Hismerh
VP2 Diva team vom Huhenberg
VP4 Magnum vom Hismerh
VP4 Diesel Team vom huhen Berg
many thanks to our good friends and top handlers Sylvio GrimmSinan Çinioğlu, super trainers for dogs top condition Zsolt Farkas and Yvonne Schneider

10/06/2019  New England Regional Conformation Show

Judge: SV Edgar Pertl
V1 Carbon vom Radhaus – working class LC
SG1 Whisky vom Hismerh – 18-24 class
SG1 Vertu vom Hismerh – 18-24 class
SG1 Zara vom Hismerh – 18-24 class LC
SG1 Freeda Emsi Haus – Open class
SG2 Nala von Haus Khan – 18-24 LC
VP1 Atomick vom Hismerh – 9-12
VP1 Diesel Team vom Hohen Berg – 6-9
VP1 Diva Team vom Hohen Berg – 6-9
VP1 M-Prince vom Hismerh – 4-6
VP2 Selen Del Cito Reale

BSZS  2019 ( German Shepherd World Show) Sept. 6-7-8

SG4 BSZS 2019 Ace Team von der Hohen Berg
We are really proud of our ACE


SG1 Ace Team von der Hohen Berg
07/21/2019 LG-Zuch-und Nachwuchsschau (LG19) Germany
judge: Marco Obmann


SG1 Ace Team von der Hohen Berg
Belgische Sigershow 2019  Belgium
judge: Robert Lung


SG2 Ace Team von der Hohen Berg
07/14/2019 LG-Zuch-und Nachwuchsschau (LG05) Germany
judge:Robert Lang


SG1 Ace Team von der Hohen Berg
07/13/2019  Jugendiche HF JLG- Zuchtschau (LG09) Germany
judge : Gunter Schwedes


SG1 Ace Team von der Hohen Berg
LG -Zucht und Nachwuchsshau (LG 04) Germany
judge: Robert Lang

06/25/2019 German show

Our first show in Germany and first place !

SG1 Ace von Der Hohen Berg

04/28/2019 USA Universal Siger show

Judge: Frank Goldust ( 160 dogs in show )
Best kennel group : kennel VOM HISMERH
SG1 Vertu vom Hismerh ( best USA breed ) 12-18 females 
SG1 Barbie vom Hismerh (best USA breed) 18-24 females
SG2 Whiski vom Hismerh  (best USA breed) 12-18 males
SG1 Hara von Haus Khan ( best USA breed) LC 18-24 females
VP1 Ace von der Hohen berg LC 9-12 males

04/06/2019 Mid- Eastern Regional conformation show

We oppen 2019 show season
Mid- Eastern Regional conformation show 04/06/2019 judge Frank Goldust
SG1 Whisky vom Hismerh 12-18 – VA Goran
SG2 Barbie vom Hismerh 18-24. – Voodo
SG3 J-Xantia vom Hismerh 18-24 – VA Groovy
SG3 Nikita vom Hismerh 12-18 – Ulkan
SG6 Zoe vom Hismerh 12-18 – VA Willy
SG4 Zara vom Hismerh 12-18 – ( LC) VA Willy
VP1 Ace von der Hohen Berg (LC 9-12) VA Willy
VP4 Oudeis vom Hismerh ( 6-9) Ikaro
V6 Aksland via Ikaro ( working class) VA Yan
thanks Vita Nova Schutzhund club for nice show and excellent friendly atmosphere

08/19/2018  New Milford CT

SV Judge Lothar Quoll
V3 , IPO1, HDa, EDa, Jacumba vom Fanino

 GSDCA  USA  Sieger Show 2018 in Zion, IL

Judged by Christoph Ludwig-males, Dirk Gabriel- females
#2 Kennel Group vom Hismerh
vice sigerin veteran class fem. Ida von der Zentaiche
Siger VP1 (6-9 class) Whisky vom Hismerh
Sigerin VP1 (6-9 class LC fem.) Zarra vom Hismerh 
Sigerin VP1 (9-12 class LC fem.) Nala von Haus Khan
vice siger VP2 (3-6 class) Hill vom Hismerh
vice Siger VP2 (6-9 class LC) Zamp vom Hismerh
vice Sigerin VP2 (6-9 class ) Vertu vom Hismerh
VP4 (3-6) Hanks vom Hismerh
SG (12-18) Ester vom Hismerh

Our show result at 2018 GSDCA Universally Siger Show

Very nice big show, thanks a lot show organisators, Judge Helmut Konig, all vom Hismerh team members and mostly Екатерина Кот

  • Best kennel groups Vom Hismerh
  • VP2 Parnas vom Hismerh (4-6 M 11 in Ring )
  • VP3 Jessica vom Hismerh (6-9m. F 12 in Ring )
  • VP3 Ester vom Hismerh (9-12 f 14 in Ring)
  • SG4 Werra vom Hismerh ( 12-18 f)
  • SG 2 Carbon vom Radhaus (12-18m)
  • V3 Nadya De la Nacio Catalana ( 10 females )
  • V6 Yankee Vom Hismerh

Greece  Hellenic Sieger Show 2018 class 18-24

Judge: Mr. Thomas Teubert

  • Our Aksland Via Ikaro make SG 2 (called first and finished 2)

2018 is of to a great start for VOM HISMERH KENNEL

TRI-SITY Schutzhund Verein Show 04/22/2018 judge Joachim SteiglerV1 Yankee vom Hismerh (working class )

  • V1 Nadya de la Nacio Catalana (Working class)
  • SG1 Carbon vom Radhaus (12-18) long coat
  • SG2 Werra vom Hismerh (12-18)
  • SG2 Queena Topolovnicka (18-24)
  • VP2 Ester vom Hismerh (9-12)
  • VP2 Jessica vom Hismerh (6-9)
  • VP1 Nala von Haus Khan (6-9) long hear
  • VP2 Rafferty von Froster (6-9) long hear
  • VP2 Janno vom Hismerh (6-9)
  • VP1 N’Aliaska vom Hismerh (3-6)
  • VP2 Nikita vom Hismerh (3-6)
  • VP4 Nickol vom Hismerh (3-6)
  • VP1 Sweet Tasha vom Hismerh (3-6) long hear

We completed the 2017 show season with another successful result

We presented 10 dogs, 6 dogs won #1 place, 3 dogs won #2 place, 1 dog #4 place.
Quinebaug Schutzhund Club, 10/01/2017 under SV judge Edgar Pertl

  • V1 Nadya De La Nacio Catalana ( working females)
  • V2 Yankee vom Hismerh ( Working males)
  • SG1 Figi vom Hismerh ( 18-24 F)
  • SG1 Zavist Bogov Yahont (18-24 M)
  • SG1 Aksland Via Ikaro ( 12-18 M)
  • SG2 Aksland Via Ibitsa (12-18 F)
  • VP1 U-Sadg vom Hismerh (9-12M)
  • VP1 Zhanet Z Azovskogo Berega (9-12 F, L-C)
  • VP2 Werra vom Hismerh (6-9 F)
  • VP4 Willy vom Hismerh (6-9 M)

We are proud of our breeding program. In 2018 we will show new dogs.

Shaferhund Schutzhund Club, Regional Show, SV Judge Peter Arth

  • Yvone vom Hismerh vp4 (4-6) Oudeis degli Achei
  • Yzzy vom Hismerh vp1 (4-6) Oudeis degli Achei
  • Werra vom Hismerh vp1 (6-9) Zorro Splitberg
  • C-Sadg vom Hismerh vp1 (6-9) Onur Fetback
  • Zhanet Z Azovskogo Berega vp1 (6-9 long hear) Gondor Regina
  • Olivia vom Hismerh SG1 (12-18) Oudeis degli Achei
  • Prince vom Hismerh SG3 (12-18) Ghildo vom Radhaus
  • Figi vom Hismerh SG1 (18-24) Ghildo vom Radhaus
  • Zavist bogov Yaxont SG2 (18-24) Marlo Bacara
  • Y-Alina vom Hismerh SG1 (Open Class) Quentino von Arlett
  • Ghildo vom Radhaus V1 (working class) Enosch Amasis
  • Oudeis Degli Achei V2 (working class) Saabat von Aurelus

Canadian Siger show August 5-6, 2017

  • V2 Yankee vom Hismerh
  • SG2 Aksland Via Ikaro
  • SG5 Aksland Via Ibitsa
  • VP1 Werra vom Hismerh
  • VP2 Willy vom Hismerh

USCA Sieger Show

April 20-23, 2017 in Atlanta, GA

#2 Place Best Kennel Grupe Vom Hismerh

  • VP4 Zhanet z Azovskogo Berega (4-6) long coat
  • VP6 Olivia vom Hismerh (6-9) 22 females
  • VP2 Prince vom Hismerh (6-9)
  • VP4 Aksland Via Ibiza (9-12) 24 females
  • VP9 Lana vom Hismerh (9-12) 24 females
  • VP3 Aksland Via Ikaro (9-12)
  • SG8 Zavist Bogov Yarmina (12-18)
  • SG10 Figi vom Hismerh (12-18)
  • SG3 Zavist Bogov Yakhont (12-18)
  • SG11 ESKO VOM hISMERH (12-18)

Good news from Europe

  • 06/23/2017 Our Dolche Vita Primo Mio Grande pass Korung judge Harald Hohmann
  • 06/24/2017 From 11 females make V4 judge Harald Hohmann

GSDCA Siger show 2016 10/14-15-16/2016

  • Vice Siger SG2 Yankee vom Hismerh (18-24)
  • SG10 Bita Emsi Haus (18-24)
  • VP7 Della vom Hismerh (9-12)
  • VP7 Esko vom Hismerh (6-9)
  • VP10 Zavis Bogov Yarmina (6-9)
  • VP3 Aksland Via Ikaro (3-6)
  • VP8 Aksland Via Ibiza (3-6) 28 females



Show result from Germany for our Nadya de La Nacio Catalana

08/13/16 LG-Jugendliche HF JLG-Zuchtschau (LG 05) SG 1 Margit von Dorson
07/09/16 Nederlandse Kampioenschapsclubmatch SG 2 Leonhard Shweiker
06/26/16 LG-Zucht- und Nachwuchsschau (LG 05) SG5 Lothar Quoll
06/12/16 Zucht- und Nachwuchsschau (LG 05) SG3 Helmut Bub

Show result in Canadian Siger show Zavist Bogov Yarmina

08/11/16 GSSCC2016 Canadian Siger show Vv2 Frank Goldust

Oudeis degli Achei
08/10/16 Gsscc2016 Canadian siger show Breed surwei Frank Goldust

GSD Club of East Conn Conformation Show & Breed Survey, SV Judge Edgard Pertl

Our result on July 10, 2016

1 place Kennel Grope VOM HISMERH

V1 Ida von Der Zentaiche (working females)
V3 Ghildo vom Radhaus (working males)
SG2 Yankee vom Hismerh (12-18 males)
SG1 Bita Emsi Haus (12-18 females)
SG2 Y-Alina vom Hismerh (12-18 females)
SG3 Sophie de La Nacio Catalana (12-18 females)
SG4 Sophie Primo Mio Grande (12-18 females)
VP1 Esko vom Hismerh (6-9 males)
VP2 Della vom Hismerh (6-9 females)
VP 3 Jaguar vom Hismerh (3-6 males)
VP Zavist Bogov Yarmina ( 3-6 females)

Nadya De La Nacio Catalana
vice Sigerin SG2 Siegerschau-NL (18-24) judge Schweikert 7/9/2016
With her wonderful trainer